• Demographic: Fans of Doctor Who aged 880
    Market: UK and Australia
    Licensor: BBC Worldwide and 2|entertain
    Pages: 24 + DVD elements
    Parts: 90

    • Byline manages the regular fulfilment and fortnightly publication of this popular DVD
    and magazine collection.

    • We source exclusive interviews with cast
    and crew from the entire history of the
    Doctor Who series.

    • Our team commissions and writes detailed
    articles about every element of the show.

    • Issues feature exclusive artworks from
    established comic book and concept artists.

    • Byline also manages the relationships with
    the BBC and 2|entertain to ensure that
    the magazine’s tone, content and style fit
    the brand and complement the TV series

    Licensed by:
    BBC | 2 Entertain
    Published by:

    Hilary Newstead, Editorial Director, Eaglemoss
  • Demographic: Young girls aged 811
    Market: Russia
    Licensor: Rainbow S.r.l
    Pages: 24
    Parts: 52

    • Byline came up with the design concept,
    content stranding, magazine format and
    cover-mounted gift scheme.

    • Then we produced marketing, point-of-sales
    and subscription materials for the project,
    as well as a website with interactive puzzles
    and quizzes.

    • We create and fulfil the fortnightly
    publication of the 24-page magazine.

    • This entails researching, writing, designing and filling the pages with a mixture of originated material and re-purposed content.

    • Byline also commissions material from
    contributors and directs photoshoots.

    • And we manage the relationship with the
    licensor, Rainbow, working closely with them
    to ensure what we produce fits their brand.

    Licensed by:
    Published by:

    Gina Mayhead, Publishing Manager Russia, Eaglemoss
  • Demographic: 711 year old boys
    Market: Russia
    Licensor: Nickelodeon
    Pages: 24
    Parts: 60

    • Byline produces this fortnightly 24-page
    magazine and trading card collection
    based on the ever-popular Teenage Mutant
    Ninja Turtles animated TV show.

    • All of the magazine's content is produced
    by Byline, including puzzles, short stories
    and specially commissioned comic strips.

    • We combine official Nickelodeon imagery
    with colourful original layouts to make each
    issue as possible fun and eye-catching for our young readers.

    • Cultivating a close working relationship
    with the licensor, Nickelodeon, helps us
    to maintain a consistently high standard
    of content.

    Licensed by:
    Published by:

    Gina Mayhead, Publishing Manager Russia, Eaglemoss
  • In whatever size, shape of form you want to promote and publicise your business, event, service or product, we have the know-how to create a vast range of publicity materials that will get you noticed and reach your target audience.

    • From display boards to handy business
    cards, we have designed, written and
    edited publicity materials for small
    businesses to nationally recognised brands.

    • Our design expertise in this field also
    includes creating branding identities
    for our clients.

    • We expertly produce promotional materials,
    leaflets and flyers to accompany the testing
    and launch of partwork magazines.

    • Using our design, photography, editorial 
    and commercial expertise, we can produce brochures, catalogues and booklets.

    Fifteen, Bluebells, Jamie Oliver Foundation
    Gina Mayhead, Publishing Manager Russia, Eaglemoss
  • Grabbing the customers' attention where
    it matters, we're experts at creating
    effective and eye-catching designs and

    sales messages for a wide range of point
    of sales materials...

    • We designed and produced the counter display units for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectible trading cards, and the Winx Club Love & Pet collection of miniature animal toys.

    • We also designed and produced the gravure– printed foil packs for these two products.

    • In addition to this, we regularly design the
    packaging for the gift cover mounts in the Winx Beauty Club collection.

    • We produce shelf display wallets for magazine launch issues and special issues.

    • We have also designed and produced point of sale danglers, posters, flappers, stoppers, totems and shelf-edge boxes.